Airing between regular episodes of the VinePair Podcast, “Covid-19 Conversations” takes an inside look at how the coronavirus crisis is impacting all areas of the alcohol business.

In this installment of “Covid-19 Conversations,” VinePair CEO Adam Teeter interviews Robert Furniss-Roe, one of the founders of Samson & Surrey. Samson & Surrey represents a portfolio of artisanal beverage brands and champions these brands through sales and marketing.

Furniss-Roe discusses his confidence in the ability of current on-premise efforts and online content creation to give small brands a voice during the pandemic. He additionally shares insights about partnerships with tasting clubs, increases in DTC sales, and the long-term survival of on-premise culture.

An industry veteran who has weathered several recessions, Furniss-Roe believes in the strength of craft brands, and that having a genuine story will enable craft brands to overcome the uncertainties that lay ahead.

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