Around the country, wineries have been faced with numerous challenges related to Covid-19, including loss of business, the health and wellbeing of their labor force, and disruptions of the supply chain.

In this installment of Covid-19 Conversations, part of The VinePair Podcast, Zach talks to sommelier, winemaker, and author Rajat Parr about staying productive in a time of global crisis. Rajat discusses how winery work is proceeding during lockdown, his reading list for the coming months (Wink Lorch’s “Wines of the French Alps,” Ian D’Agata’s “Native Wine Grapes of Italy,” Peter Liem’s “Champagne,” and Alice Feiring’s “Natural Wine for the People”), and why he’s stocking up on cider (specifically, Floréal Cider, the result of a collaboration between Hiyu Wine Farm and Mt. Hood Organic Farm).

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