Photo via Ryan Keene / Flickr

Getting stuck at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport used to mean getting stuck in a fast-food wasteland. That’s no longer the case. There are now bars that feature local beer from some of North Carolina’s many breweries, themed cocktail bars, and even a fancy wine bar.

Here are the best places to drink at the Charlotte Douglas Airport.


Beaudevin: A wine bar to sit down and spend some time on your wine. Also to stare at the chandeliers made from wine glasses.

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Jose Cuervo’s Tequileria: Does this really need an explanation? Tequila, drink it.

1897 Market: There’s pretty much everything you need here, but most importantly there’s a full bar with signature cocktails.

First in Flight Bar: Full bar and airport sushi.

Terminal A

Uptown Bar & Lounge: Grab some local beer alongside burgers and breakfast sandwiches.

Terminal B

Red Star Lounge: Full bar and some beer on tap. It’s small, but a nice place to sit for a bit.

Stock Car Cafe: Get into the theme of stock car racing while drinking from the full bar and eating pub food.

Terminal C

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar: Burgers, beer, and all the other alcohol you can think of.

Phillips Seafood: A place famous for their crab cakes, but not bad at slinging drinks from the full bar, either.

Terminal D

Rum Bar: Things are very literal in this airport. But it’s not just rum; there are burgers and jerk chicken, too.

Carolina Beer Company: Local beer that will help you feel like you’re still exploring the native breweries of the Carolinas.

Concourse E

Whisky River: Dale Earnhardt Jr. co-owns this whiskey bar. And yes, there’s American whiskey despite the name lacking an “e.”

Explorer Lounge: Explore some drinks while chomping down on food brought over from the Salsaritas next door.