Your Home Bar’s Missing Piece: A Well-Aged Bourbon [Infographic]

Today, we live in a bourbon lover’s paradise. Nearly every menu lists a bourbon cocktail — or 10 — and picking a bottle from the shelf is one part exploration and another discovery. That said, to really stake your claim on this new bourbon frontier it’s important to do your research, and make sure you’re finding a taste profile worthy of any pour — neat or cocktail.

Americans have coveted barrel-aged bourbon for centuries. While recent years have seen an explosion in aged bourbon offerings, distillers have had hundreds of years to experiment, leading to some of today’s award-winning liquids offering unmatched texture, personality, and dynamism to the liquid.

The rising trend of aged bourbon comes with a lot of experimentation but when the grain-to-glass journey is perfected, it can result in some of the best-quality liquid that can be simply enjoyed neat or used to upgrade any cocktail. Take Bulleit Bourbon 10-Year-Old as an example. When crafted with care, the best aged bourbon will be able to retain its depth of flavor and complexity despite all the variables in the distilling, aging, and blending process. For instance, all barrels age differently. So to ensure consistent quality, the art of blending has become paramount to ensure a smooth and lasting finish time after time. For every bottle of 10 Year Old, Bulleit’s master blender will take liquid aged far and beyond the usual decade to fine tune the finished product. Made from the same bones as its core expression, its unique journey from grain to glass is what makes this liquid a rich, deep, incredibly smooth sipping experience worthy of any home bar.

To learn more about how an aged bourbon like Bulleit 10 Year Old can become the perfect complement to your home bar collection follow the infographic below to see its unique journey from grain to glass.

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an infographic about bulleit bourbon

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