Potato chips are an American staple. The United States consumes almost 2 billion pounds of potato chips every year, meaning the average U.S. citizen eats over 6 pounds of the snack annually.

And yet, despite the nation’s near-unanimous love of all things Frito-Lay, there are many regional potato chip brands that locals love — and that you probably haven’t heard of unless you’ve been there.

We scoured the internet for the best and most popular regional crisp delicacies and quickly discovered that Americans have strong opinions about these neighborhood nibbles. One blogger even compiled a list of over 100 regional brands beloved by the chip community. VinePair took a look at this list and many other sources and peeled down to the 33 ultimate regional essentials.

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From the obvious (where else would Cape Cod be made?), to the obscure (Bob’s Texas Style is produced in…  Arizona?), each of these brands has its own unique style.

Wondering which potato chip brands are made in your region? Read on for VinePair’s handy dandy map of potato chip brands made throughout the country.

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These are the 33 best regional potatochip brands in America.

Regional Potato Chip Brands by State

  • Alabama: Golden Flake
  • Alaska: Alaska Chip Company
  • Arizona: Poore Brothers, Bob’s Texas Style
  • California: Rusty’s Chips, Laura Scudder’s
  • Colorado: Boulder Canyon, Denver Chip Co.
  • Connecticut: Deep River Snacks
  • Georgia: Brother Kane
  • Hawaii: Hawaii Island Gourmet
  • Iowa: Sterzing’s
  • Kansas: Guy’s Snacks
  • Louisiana: Zapp’s
  • Maryland: Charles Chips
  • Massachusetts: Cape Cod, Tri-Sum Potato Chips
  • Michigan: Better Made.
  • New York: Terrell’s
  • North Carolina: Carolina Kettle
  • Ohio: Mikesell’s, Grippo’s
  • Oregon: Kettle Chips
  • Pennsylvania: Wise Foods, Utz, Middleswarth
  • South Carolina: Lowcountry Kettle
  • South Dakota: Dakota Style
  • Tennessee: Dirty Chips
  • Utah: Clover Club
  • Virginia: Route 11
  • Washington: Tim’s Cascade Snacks
  • West Virginia: Mister Bee