For some travelers, TSA lines and lack of legroom are necessary means to a destination. For others, it’s more about the journey than the destination. Those in the latter category often take their wanderlust to the highway rather than the skies. And whether you take the main drag or the road less traveled, you’re bound to get hungry along the way.

That’s where regional convenience stores come in. From gas stations to hole-in-the-wall mini marts, there are plenty of roadside options to satiate those road trip munchies, and each one has its own special charm (and in many cases, cult following of die-hard fans). While some are known for their impressive take-home beer selections (we’re looking at you, Sheetz), others, like United Dairy Farmers, are beloved for their freshly made culinary delicacies.

Wondering where to stop during your next jaunt on the open road? Check out VinePair’s map of the best regional convenience stores in the country.

These are America’s Favorite Regional Roadside Convenience Stores