Beer pairings for your peanuts and Cracker Jacks are getting better by the inning, down, or quarter. Sports stadiums that historically exclusively served macro labels are now also tapping area breweries and pouring craft collaborations at baseball, football, and basketball stadiums nationwide.

We asked 10 brewers from Oregon to Texas to New York to share their favorite stadium beers, and their picks span old-school macro favorites, local brews, and, of course, many of their own creations. (Hey, drink what you know.) Here are 10 beers that brewers reach for on game day.

“If you poke around, most stadiums have some sort of craft beer outpost. You’ve probably done your homework and at least know a few things you might be looking for from around the local area. For me, if I can find a run of a local brewery or a group of local things, I’ll probably try to work through them. I don’t care much about light or dark or heavy or the beer character as long I’m interested in trying it. I see these as a chance to try some new things.” — Jared Jankoski, Brewmaster, Goose Island Beer Co.

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“I love a good pilsner at a stadium, especially on a hot day.” — Andrew Burman, Co-Founder, Other Half Brewing

“Stadium beer is certainly an evolving genre; most stadiums are pouring macro light lagers alongside craft beer now, which is great for two reasons: They’re catering to a diverse crowd, and I can start the game with local craft beer I’ve been dying to try and finish with the classics. When I find myself at a game, I look for local craft lagers, but I’ll never turn down a Guinness, Stella, or Hamm’s.” — Jen Currier, Lead Blender, Wicked Weed Brewing

“If it’s hot out, Mango Cart really hits the spot. I also love an ice-cold Pacifico with a lime.” — Victor Novak, Brewmaster, Golden Road Brewing

“Schlafly IPA cans at Busch Stadium.” — Emily Byrne, Brewer, Schlafly

“I have to say it never gets old seeing your own beer in a stadium, even after 21 years. But if I’m traveling, I like to see something local, especially if it’s been made just for the venue or team. When local teams support local breweries — and vice versa — it just seems right.” — Andy Ingram, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Four Peaks Brewing

“Our blood orange pale ale, Superfuzz. Had a few last week at the Mariners game. Great flavor, super drinkable.” — Josh Waldman, Head Brewer, Elysian Brewing

“Lately it’s been Pinstripe Pilsner. This beer was made for sitting in the bleachers with a helmet full of nachos and watching a game with your buddies. It’s refreshing and crisp with an interesting fruity, lime hop character. Great beer for a summer day at the ballpark.” — Dan Jansen, Brewmaster and Director of Operations, Blue Point Brewing

“My favorite stadium beer is easily Devils Backbone Earned Run Ale. It encompasses all that I look for in a beer while enjoying a game — moderate-to-low ABV, light, and refreshing, and an incredible flavor to keep me coming back for more.” — Josh French, Production Brewmaster, Devils Backbone Brewing Company

“The perfect stadium beer depends on many factors — the weather, the food, and even the sport itself. For example, if it’s cold and it’s a hockey game you might want an IPA or a stout but if you’re at a sunny baseball game you might want a lager. Football is my personal favorite and I find Hopadillo IPA to be perfect for a cool fall football day.” — Eric Warner, Brewmaster, Karbach Brewing