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When someone says that a wine tastes like apples or grass, does this mean that it actually has apples or grass in it?

This is actually a question I get a lot. It’s easy to understand why people think this, but alas, the only ingredient in wine is grapes — no added apples or grass to speak of.

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But the cool thing about wine is that grapes have this funny way of smelling and tasting like other things when vinified. And even cooler, you might smell or taste something different than someone else who is drinking the same wine. That’s because our brains can only connect aromas and tastes back to things we have actually experienced. If you’ve never eaten an apple, you aren’t going to taste apple in the wine. But if you’re a big fan of green peppers, you’ll probably taste it a lot the next time you drink a Cabernet.

What’s the difference between a liquor and a liqueur?

Liquor is any distilled spirit, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. A liqueur is a distilled spirit — usually something neutral — that has been sweetened by the addition of fruits, flowers, plants, juices, or extracts.

What’s the most I should pay for Beaujolais Nouveau?

Zero dollars. Seriously, just say no to Beaujolais Nouveau.