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A friend recently told me he came up with an ingenious hack to ensure his drink is strong. He asks for it without ice and swears the bartender gives him more liquor to compensate. Is he right?

Nope. This is an old “trick” most bartenders are all too familiar with. The reality is, the bartender will either add more of the mixer or give a shorter pour, not additional spirit to make up for the lack of ice in the glass. I don’t know about your friend, but I like cocktails that are meant to be consumed with ice, served with ice.

Are sake bombs rude?

If you’re in a venue where they’re being encouraged, like a hibachi restaurant where the chef is literally chanting, “When I say ‘Sake,’ you say, ‘Bomb!’” then no. Anywhere else, it is absolutely rude. If you’re at a nice sushi restaurant, no one wants to see or hear you sake bombing. Plus, while sake bombs are served warm, good sake, or really any sake, shouldn’t be served that way. It ruins the subtle nuances of the beverage. But you aren’t really trying to pick those notes up if you’re plunging the sake into beer, now are you?

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Will weed wine and beer get me high?

Weed wine or beer is only going to get you high if the beverage actually has THC in it. If it has THC, you are probably buying the beverage from a licensed dispensary. Any other weed wine or beer either has CBD inside, which is non-psychoactive, or it simply has the flavor with none of the effects.