At their core, showy drinks exist to be photographed. Over the past decade, bars and restaurants have realized that one of the fastest ways to get attention and draw an audience is social media, and social media loves nothing more than a showy drink. Whether it be an elaborate smoked cocktail, a crazy frozen concoction, or a large-format drink served in an insane vessel, these beverages were designed to be photographed. So if you order one, feel free to snap a photo — that’s what the bar wants. Just make sure to tag them when you post it.

That said, while taking a picture of the drink you ordered is totally fair game, if your photo includes the bartender, you should ask if they are cool with it first. We all have days we don’t love how we look, and some people may not like appearing in photos in general. So, if you want to post an image that shows the bartender, take the extra step and ask permission. And who knows? Asking may not only win you props with the person behind the stick, but you may also gain a new follower or friend. They at least will probably ask you to tag them when you post.

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