First off, I want to be clear that you are asking this question to a person who loves dogs. So please bear that in mind when reading my answer, which is that as long as the bar allows dogs, you should absolutely feel free to bring them. I would just expect that you allow me to pet your dog if I am having a drink there, too.

That said, before you bring your dog along to the bar, you need to make sure they’re going to be well behaved. If your dog barks a lot, has been known to growl at or act aggressively toward people or other animals, or if they simply have so much anxiety that they are unable to sit still while you enjoy a drink or two, then it might be something you want to reconsider.

Not everyone is a dog lover, and it’s important to be mindful of that. If you happen to sit next to someone who doesn’t love dogs, or has an allergic reaction to them, it’s important that you be courteous and understanding, and move if your furry companion is causing a problem. And while you might assume that every bar will let your dog join if you’re seated outside, don’t be a jerk if they say no; just head to a different bar, and call ahead next time.

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