Please do not saber a bottle of Champagne with a sharp blade! That will ensure a quick visit to the emergency room. Using a sharp saber, or the sharp side of a chef’s knife, can cause the bottle to shatter, creating dangerous shards of glass that could cut you or other people.

When sabering, you always want to use the blunt side of the blade, also known as the spine. This is the side of the blade that is not sharp, and is ideal for sabering a bottle. That’s because when you saber a bottle of bubbly, all you are trying to do is hit the weakest point of the bottle with the back of the blade, using just enough force to allow the pressure that is built up inside to pop off the entire top cleanly. If you do it correctly, there will be no shards and you can pour and consume the Champagne safely.

To see how it’s done, here’s a handy demo of yours truly safely sabering a bottle of bubbles.

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