To be honest, dear VinePair reader, we don’t really think we need to convince you much of the merits of wine tourism. Travel in and of itself is a fun and rewarding activity, and when you decide to direct that travel toward a wine region, well, you get a tremendous opportunity to not just explore other places and cultures, but also to greatly enhance your own knowledge of the world of wine.

Yet we also know that figuring out which wine region to visit can be a most stressful undertaking, which is why we recently published our list of the World’s Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations for 2019. That said, what’s a list without a bit of discussion and disagreement? That’s why on this week’s VinePair podcast, Adam and Zach discuss and debate the relative merits of some of the highlighted destinations with VinePair staff writer Tim McKirdy. Plus, you can hear them argue about sherry and Paris.

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