Tree House Brewing Company only started doing business in 2011, but it’s quickly become one of the most beloved craft breweries making some of the most sought- after beers in the country.

The Massachusetts brewery draws fans from around the Northeast who are dedicated enough to wait for hours to buy beer. Some trade their haul for other rare, hard-to-find cans, while others sit back and enjoy it themselves. Regardless, Tree House is making beer that is universally considered delicious.

Here are nine things you need to know about Tree House Brewing Company.

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Hops are the name of the game.

Tree House became a household name among beer geeks on the backs of big, hazy New England IPAs. Julius is one of its most famous (and one of the best beers in the country).

The name is no joke.

There’s an actual tree house at the original Tree House brewery that visitors can climb.

There’s pretty much always a wait for its beer.

Tree House makes it clear that it can never promise a short wait time for beer. If you choose not to brave the lines on release day, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait for the next one because most of the beer is sold out by the end of the week.

But the brewery is the only place you can get it.

The brewery doesn’t distribute, so going to the brewery is the only option.

Each release is a surprise.

All beers are available as soon as they’re packaged, which makes keeping a regular schedule nearly impossible.

The best way to keep up is on Twitter.

While it may seem difficult to get a hold of, Tree House does post beer releases on its Twitter when its beer is ready.

The ON-TAP page is your best bet, though.

Cans are packaged Tuesday through Friday, and the brewery typically runs out of beers throughout the week. To know which beers are available at any given time, the brewery set up an ON-TAP page.

It’s not all haze and IPAs.

While Tree House is most famous for its juicy brews, it also makes other styles. A standout you should always keep an eye out for is That’s What She Said milk stout.

There’s currently a limit to cans, but that might change.

Like every hot craft brewery making sought-after beers, there’s a limit to how many cans people can buy at one time. A tweet by Tree House on July 15 suggests that might not be the case in the future, though.