9 Awesome Beer Tattoos Of The Brewskie Devoted

We’ve all put a beer cap on our foreheads. Right? People still do that? But most of us don’t love beer as much as these nine inked-up tattoo heroes. Just like chefs and their various knife/bacon tattoos, the beer-tatted celebrate everything from beer fundamentals to six-pack puns to pop culture beer references. And now, from a distance, because we are totally afraid of needles, we’re celebrating them.

Hops-Love from WabashaBrewing.com

Hops Tattoo

This guy actually won an award from Growler Magazine for his hops-themed ink in 2015, and you can see why. It’s the most dedication to what’s arguably beer’s sexiest ingredient we’ve seen on a human forearm. Guessing this guy likes IPA.

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Pizza and Beer from Pinterest.com

Pizza Beer

Not quite a “beer” tattoo, but then what beer lover hasn’t at some point enjoyed the culinary bliss that is drinking beer in excess and accompanying/curing that excess with pizza?

Duff Beer Tattoo from WillKoffmanTattoo.DeviantArt.com

Duff Beer

This seems like a horribly depressing tattoo, yes, but Simpsons fans will remember it as the famous last line from Barney’s brutally yet tenderly honest documentary in the Springfield Film Festival.

Randy Marsh, Drunk Patriot from MattBuck.Tumblr.com

South Park

Another cartoon-related beer tattoo, but a great one since at least a few of us have said something ridiculously righteous at the point of over-intoxication. Possibly while not wearing pants.

Pink Floyd Pun from ConfessionsofaNuttyBrewnette.wordpress.com

Wish You Were Beer

A sort of Pink Floyd visual pun, anyway, and a pretty hilarious one as far as puns go. And anyone who sees it is either going to try to perform an immediate intervention or say some unkind words. Since you’re telling them you wish they were a carbonated intoxicant instead of a human.

Aussie Pride from Facebook.com/Sh*tAussiesSay

Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter is a classic Aussie beer, first brewed in Melbourne in the mid 19th century. Apparently this guy drinks six at a time.

The Non-Six Pack from Kegworks.com

Dale Jr Six

Apparently this is a thing, getting six-packs tattooed onto your obvious lack of a six-pack. This guy kept it simple and classy. Thumbs up, also for drinking a beer while having his photo taken.

The PBR from HolidayRoyale.com


If you love PBR enough to get it eternally etched onto what seems like a super-sensitive place on your forearm, you should probably get free PBR for life. Which will save you about $20. (Get it? ‘Cause it’s so cheap. And bad.)

Drink Local PSA from Philly.TheDrinkNation.com

Drink Fresh

Yeah there is, um, a distracting amount of body hair covering this tattoo, but not enough to detract from the power of the message.