8 Ways to Eat and Drink Well (Without Sacrificing Your Wellness Routine) This Spring

Who says you can’t have your wine and drink it, too? Come spring, there’s nothing we love more than heading outdoors and indulging in the season’s best food and wine options. However, partaking in (safe) happy hours and socially distanced get-togethers doesn’t have to mean totally sacrificing your wellness routine. Not sure what we mean? We’ve rounded up eight ways to eat and drink well, without sacrificing your wellness routine, this spring. Check ‘em out!

Limit Alcohol Consumption (Without Totally Going Dry)

Winter months are synonymous with hearty foods and loads of wine, simply to keep the chills at bay. However, as the cold begins to break, so does the need to stay warm and cozy. While most of us are anxious to get out and enjoy the warm weather, this doesn’t always have to mean with alcohol. We recommend indulging in one or two glasses of sustainably produced wine, then switching over to fresh juice or a booze-free cocktail to stay hydrated.

“I love having a glass of white wine with lunch or dinner — not every day, but mostly on the weekends,” says Julia Zuccardi of Bodega Santa Julia. “I see drinking wine as a healthy habit, and I believe that when consumed in moderation, it does not go against a healthy routine.” Now that’s a form of moderation we can get behind.

Get Your Heart Rate Up Outdoors

While we don’t necessarily believe in “earning” your wine, there’s definitely a satisfaction that comes with a tall evening pour after a hard day’s work. To ensure your fitness goals are met, get your workouts in a few times per week in the mornings or afternoons. Not only does it get your workout out of the way, it also frees up your evenings to enjoy some well-earned wine! Sipping and stretching never tasted so good.

For a delicious post-workout sipper, Julia recommends the estate’s Organic Malbec. Produced in the heart of Mendoza, the wine is crafted from certified organic estate vineyards and is loaded with flavors of ripe red fruits, black plums, and milk chocolate. The wine is also “Fair for Life” fair trade certified, and additionally, is suitable for vegan lifestyles.

Santa Julia's Organic Malbec is produced in the heart of Mendoza, from certified organic estate vineyards.
Santa Julia’s Organic Malbec is produced in the heart of Mendoza from certified organic estate vineyards.

Choose Organic Wines

We hold our wine to the same standards that we hold our food — after all, wine is made from produce! When seeking out high-quality wine, we recommend looking for bottles that are made with organically farmed fruit to ensure that only the best quality ingredients go into your bottle. (Bonus: If low-intervention winemaking methods are mentioned, even better.)

For white wine aficionados, Santa Julia Organic Chardonnay is a top choice. The wine’s fresh, fruit-driven flavor profile is extremely versatile, lending it to a variety of palates. For red wine lovers, Santa Julia’s Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is the way to go. Expect fruit-forward flavors of black cherries, currants, and fresh eucalyptus to jump from the wine’s layered palate.

Note: All of Santa Julia’s wines are produced from organic vineyard sites that emphasize biodiversity, soil health, and fair relationships between all organisms that call the vineyards home. Natural fertilizers and homemade composts (10,000 tons annually!) are used in place of harsh, unhealthy chemicals.

Swap Happy Hour Treats for Healthy Snacks

Wine and snacks are a match made in heaven, though not everything on the table has to be unhealthy. Enjoy your cheese and hearty snacks in moderation, while also incorporating ample amounts of produce (think crudité platters and fresh fruit). When choosing carbs, look for fresh-baked breads from local bakeries, or simply snag a pack of high-fiber crackers from your local supermarket.

Julia Zuccardi recommends reaching for vegetables, such as fresh tomatoes with olive oil, fresh fish, or Argentine empanadas for wholesome, delicious snacking options.

Plant a Mini Garden

There’s no denying the extra satisfaction that comes from enjoying fresh produce grown with your very own hands. Salad leaves, radishes, and peas are some of the easiest options for simple at-home gardens, though if space is an issue (hello, city living!) Think about creating a small herb garden at your window. Garnishing your next happy hour spread will have never looked (or tasted) so good.

Santa Julia’s Rosé is produced entirely from organically-grown Malbec grapes.
Santa Julia’s Rosé is produced entirely from organically grown Malbec grapes.

Ring It in With Rosé

The first days of spring and rosé go hand in hand. What better way to celebrate the season’s first splash of warm weather than with a pink pour? Santa Julia’s Rosé is produced entirely from organically grown Malbec grapes. Notes of strawberries, citrus, and ripe red fruits jump from the wine’s well-balanced core. If you love drinking pink in the spring, this wine’s definitely for you.

Get Together (Safely) With Friends

Spring temperatures are synonymous with wine sipping at picnics, parks, and all sorts of outdoor get-togethers. Whether hanging with friends in public or simply gathering in someone’s backyard, we recommend doing so safely (at a social distance) or holding your hangs virtually. Maintaining a solid state of physical health is essential to an effective wellness routine.

“We [Santa Julia and Zuccardi] belong to the same family. We share the same values. We enjoy being part of joyous occasions, get-togethers, and large tables,” says Julia Zuccardi. “Santa Julia and I are always looking for quality in what we do. We have a bond with the land that watches us grow, and we believe in the importance of taking care of it. We are committed to being useful to our community and its people.”

Although we can’t all make it to the gorgeous Argentine countryside this spring, Julia recommends hosting a safe and socially distant, Argentine-inspired barbecue with friends to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Don’t Forget Your Mental Health

Let’s face it — this past year has wreaked some serious havoc on our mental states. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, let’s remember to check in with one another and support each other, whether from near or afar.

“During these hard times, many people have found comfort in cooking and enjoying their meals with a good wine,” says Julia Zuccardi. “As I [mentioned] before, when consumed in moderation, wine is a good habit. It helps us relax, as well as enjoy ourselves, especially when paired with food or shared with friends and family.”

Simply set up a FaceTime or Zoom happy hour with far-away friends, grab a bottle of Santa Julia Organic wine, and continue to pour (figuratively and literally) into one another’s lives.

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