7 Drinks For Your ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival Binge

The lights are low, the television is warmed up, and every item on the Chinese takeout menu is currently waiting for you at your doorstep. “Gilmore Girls” is coming November 25th and we’re as excited as Taylor Doose was when he established the Fall Festival to fill the month of September.

Just like Lorelai can’t go a day without a pot of coffee coursing through her veins, we can’t stand a good TV binge without a perfectly paired cocktail.

Where you lead, I will follow. Where you pour, I will drink.

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Movie Night Sweet Tooth Float by With Salt & Wit

There is nothing more sacred than movie night. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a religion, and a good boozy float is perfect to keep you worshiping all night long. This recipe doesn’t call for any alcohol, but when has that ever stopped us? Add a splash of vodka and you’re good to go.


Sookie’s Freshly Picked Peach Margarita by Baker By Nature

Oh, dear God Almighty, these margaritas are incredible! We want to take a bath in these margaritas. Someday, when we open our own bar, diabetics will be lining up for these margaritas. In the great words of Lorelai, “as long as you can remember where the living room is, keep on sipping.”


Luke’s Diner Coffee Shot by Thoughtfully Simple

Just like some mornings are jumbo coffee mornings where a coffee IV may be required, some evenings require instant boozification. We don’t recommend spiked coffee IVs, but this shot should do the trick. Again, this recipe doesn’t have any alcohol included, but we recommend adding a dash of whiskey before straining the mixture into your shot glasses.


Friday Night Dinner Classic by Creative Culinary

What better way to spend a Friday night than by having a wonderful dinner with your parents constantly questioning all of your life choices over a seared duck served with a side of beautifully brutal stabs from your mother? Yeah, we’ll have a double dose of this Old Fashioned to pair with Emily’s wisdom.


Dean, Jess & Logan’s Dark ‘n’ Stormy Past by I’m Bored, Let’s Go

No matter what team you may claim (if it’s not Jess we’re going to have a problem) we can all agree the only thing more angsty than the plethora of Rory’s amazing boyfriends is a quality Dark ‘n’ Stormy.


Miss Patty’s Founders’ Day Punch by Think Elysian

We all need a soul cleansing every once in awhile because tar buildup on the soul is supremely draining. Enter stage right, Miss Patty’s Founders’ Day Punch. If it’s good enough for construction sites, it’s good enough for us.

The One Way Ticket To Reno by Homemade Hooplah


Sure, it may be ~frowned upon~ to have three glasses of Chardonnay at lunch, but what about Chardonnay cocktails?