5 Perfect Brunch Destinations for Prosecco

“Brunch” and “bubbles” are two words that everyone knows go together. Mimosas top the chart of go-to brunch drinks, according to Google search terms on the topic, and along with Bellinis and spritzes, it’s a drink you’ll find on just about any restaurant’s Sunday menu. And for a good reason, as bubbles are one of the best ways to toast during that relaxing weekend meal.

One of the most versatile styles of bubbly to sip at brunch is Prosecco. It pairs with both sweet and savory foods, from decadent brioche French toast to smoked salmon on an everything bagel. It complements basically any dish you’ll find on a brunch menu, such as a buttermilk biscuit topped with slow-churned butter, eggs Benedict, spicier breakfasts like huevos rancheros, and the eternal go-to, avocado toast with soft-boiled eggs. Prosecco is even a seamless match with the umami flavors of dim sum.

But the true secret of Prosecco at brunch lies in its lower ABV. Prosecco hovers around 11 percent alcohol, far less than the vodka of a Bloody Mary or Screwdriver. A glass of Prosecco still leaves you in a fine state to continue the post-brunch day running errands, read a great book, or watch the game.

A go-to bottle for sommeliers, beverage directors, and bubbly-loving diners alike is Zonin Prosecco. It serves up major breakfast vibes, from its white peach and citrus flavors to its refreshing, fizzy texture. Whether your reservation is set for an early, family-friendly 11 a.m. or you’re a city-dwelling, late brunch-goer at 2 p.m., Zonin Prosecco will fit the mood.

Which begs the question: Not sure where to brunch this weekend?

Here are some ideas, and at least you know what you want to drink.

Farm to Table Restaurant

From the inner city to the suburbs, these days nearly every neighborhood has a farm-to-table restaurant that dishes up flavorful meals made from local and seasonal ingredients. With shiplap walls, exposed wood beams, and pitchers filled with in-season blooms, this aesthetic fills both the physical space and the menu. It’s simply inviting.

Considering the best breakfast meals rely on some typical farm fare — eggs, bacon, butter, fresh bread — these cozy restaurant spots make some of the best brunch meals, and that calls for Prosecco.

Whether you’re having two eggs over easy with hash browns and hot sauce or keeping it healthy with a grain bowl topped with tofu and pomegranate, Zonin’s integral acidity cuts through the fat of the savory ingredients. It will also complement fruits as much as vegetables, and let’s not forget how well it will taste after a bite of sweet banana bread with walnuts for dessert.

Mexican Brunch With Friends

Breakfast burritos, chorizo, and huevos rancheros — our mouths are watering just thinking about the complex flavors, spice, and heat that come with a Mexican brunch destination.

Chilaquiles, deep-fried tortillas simmered in salsa and often topped with eggs and onions, are a quintessential way to start the day in Mexico. Not so traditional is adding a glass of Zonin Prosecco to that combination. However, Prosecco adds a hint of sweetness and cuts through the fat of fried food, making it a perfect pairing. In addition, Zonin’s zippy flavor profile matches the chili spices, smoked notes, and slow-roasted meats typically found in Mexican cuisine.

Tea and Scones in the Hotel Courtyard

Not everyone opts for a hearty breakfast meal on Saturday; some of us reserve that belly space for a formal afternoon tea service, complete with scones, clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, and an array of petit fours. By the 3 p.m. start time, most people are ready for the zesty fizz, refreshing acidity, and fruit-forward flavors of a glass of Prosecco. Consider it a palate-cleanser from a busy weekend day hitting the gym and the grocery store.

A particularly fitting pairing is Zonin Prosecco with tea sandwiches. Whether it’s the extra creamy chicken salad or smoked salmon with cream cheese, Zonin adds a crisp minerality and citrus flavors to refresh between the luscious sandwich bites.

Jazz Brunch With the Family

Sometimes the best brunch pairing for a glass of bubbly isn’t food, it’s music. Try sipping Zonin Prosecco while listening to the upbeat tunes from a live jazz quartet. The bubbles echo the harmony and creative freedom that the music has always conveyed. In both, there is an underlying complexity beneath a joyful top layer that hits the senses with pure excitement.

A jazz brunch in a snazzy venue is the type of place you can even take your parents. Everyone will enjoy digging into scrambled eggs, croissants, and freshly squeezed juice paired with syncopated rhythms — and, of course, sips of Prosecco to match.

Dim Sum, Because It’s Delicious

Dumplings, char siu bao, and spring rolls are just a few of the traditional dishes you’ll find served from a cart during dim sum, the classic Chinese breakfast that has become a brunch phenomenon in the U.S. Here, baskets full of steamed dumplings and plates of pork buns keep magically appearing on your table until you’ve had your fill. It’s the type of brunch that’s a more full-fledged experience than simply satisfying your hunger with a quick meal.

Which is why you’ll want to order a few bottles of Zonin Prosecco for the table to share. The fresh citrus and almond notes integrate easily into the delicate flavors of the steamed dumplings. Similarly, the acidity stands up to the fried wrappers of spring rolls and cuts through the starch of sticky rice. Then, of course, there is the occasional heat that pops up and the saltiness from soy sauce, both of which work beautifully alongside the sweet and fruity notes of the Prosecco.

This article is sponsored by Zonin Prosecco.