Small Batch Production, Simply Perfect PATRÓN® Tequila [Infographic]

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PATRÓN® is the world’s No. 1 super-premium tequila* — and that’s not by mere chance. Its meteoric success is built upon an unwavering commitment to craft and, more specifically, that means embracing small batch production: stone-milled agave, custom-designed roasting ovens, copper pot stills are just some of the key components to the time-honored, small batch PATRÓN process.

It’s a noble effort that comes at a higher time spend and cost than normal, and PATRÓN stands as one of only a small number of distilleries in the industry to do so. From an economic standpoint, it makes sense for bigger brands to allow modern machination to replace the handmade techniques of yesteryear. Diffusers, chemical extractions, and column still distillation are contemporary conveniences that are designed to scale up output. Yet, they result in tequila that compromises the integrity of the original distillation process, something that is not true to PATRÓN Tequila. Instead, PATRÓN still makes tequila the hard way — by hand without artificial flavorings or ingredients.

At the turn of the 21st century, when PATRÓN saw the market for 100 percent Weber Blue Agave tequila start to soar, it knew exactly what was needed to satisfy that demand. Rather than turning to automation and shortcuts, the distillery simply replicated the production model it already had in place.

Through the various steps of the PATRÓN production process, the brand is rooted in a commitment to quality and abiding by a small batch system. As such, the brand has become a symbol of luxury, enjoyed in every corner of the globe, and even as it continues to grow in scale and popularity, it remains unwaveringly committed to the time-honored process that doesn’t adopt methods to cut corners and sacrifice quality. You can taste the difference in each pour — from its native home in Atotonilco El Alto to your local bar/restaurant that serves PATRÓN.

*IWSR 2020 Global Database

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