Mexican Tradition Inspired Modern Luxury at Residencia PATRÓN

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Mexico is a country of master creators, craftsman, artists, and innovators. Their creations are birthed from a deep history — one that is rooted in culture, passion, and traditions passed down through generations.

Inspired by these trailblazers and their unique craft, PATRÓN tequila brought together bold Mexican creators spanning art, fashion, fragrance, cuisine, dance, and music last month in New York City under one roof. This curated experience — called Residencia PATRÓN — took guests on a journey through the culture and traditions of Mexico, while exploring authentic Mexican luxury in all of its many forms.

Residencia PATRÓN came to life in partnership with Fabiola Zamora and Danaé Salazar, the luminaries and co-founders of Mexico’s Revista 192. Through Zamora and Salazar’s joint effort with PATRÓN, they curated a talented lineup of Mexican artisans and creators who celebrate heritage through their innovations. “Residencia PATRÓN is a celebration of the pioneering spirit and passion these trailblazers put into perfecting their craft the way PATRÓN pioneered the super-premium tequila category — sharing a common, tireless dedication to achieving perfection in everything they create,” Salazar said in a press statement.

Residencia PATRÓN shined a light on the unique production process of PATRÓN and the natural elements that, when masterfully combined, create the simply perfect, iconic taste of PATRÓN tequila. It was an exceptional destination of libations, music, high fashion, contemporary art, and next-level Mexican cuisine all surrounded by immersive architectural installations that paid homage and educated attendees around the PATRÓN tahona-based tequila-making process, a two-ton volcanic rock that crushes it’s 100 percent Weber Blue Agave to create a simply perfect tequila. Through an avant garde arrangement of volcanic rocks hanging from agave fiber ropes artistically displayed throughout the space alongside striking imagery of the PATRÓN process captured by Fabiola and Danaé at Hacidena PATRÓN, guests were taken on a moving journey of Mexican luxury.

“Together with PATRÓN, we’ve curated an experience that explores authentic Mexican luxury through the creative minds who are looking to past traditions, ingredients, and materials to build contemporary approaches to art, fashion, music, and cuisine, similar to how PATRÓN approaches its time-honored, hand-crafted tahona-based tequila making process,” Zamora said.

Throughout the experience, they were transported to an atelier of Mexican craft and creativity that featured:

  • Chef Jair Téllez, a pioneer in Mexican cuisine with his beloved restaurant, MeroToro, and a trailblazer influencing Mexico City’s rise as a culinary destination.
  • Eliana “Eli” Martinez, one of Mexico City’s rising bar talents who has innovated behind legendary bars like Pujol and is director of bars for Carolo Group
  • Cynthia Buttenklepper, fashion designer and benchmark of contemporary design in CDMX, whose brand is made in Mexico by Mexican hands, minds, and hearts.
  • Perla Valtierra, ceramics designer whose brand produces high-end, handcrafted ceramics in Mexico.
  • Xinú, a Mexico City-based perfumery that taps into a deep well of sensorial heritage in devising its assemblage of fragrances.
  • Aurelia, a fashion and accessories line created by three Mexican sisters who design one-of-a-kind customizable wooden bags, leather straps, belts, and other timeless accessories.
  • Caralarga, a textile design and production workshop inspired by nature’s raw materials.
  • Damián Romero, (a.k.a. Dramian) and Rodrigo Madrazo (a.k.a. Mandrake), DJs who are responsible for introducing avant-garde music and digital arts to Mexico over the past 10 years.
  • Silvana Estrada, internationally recognized singer-songwriter whose work embraces the legacy of Mexican music. Silvana sang alongside dancers Jesus Mondragon and Pascale Ussel-Grimm in a breathtaking performance choreographed by Diego Vega Solorza. Diego is the creative power behind Trazo Ciclo de Danza and is renowned for the multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary connections he makes with other art forms.

“Mexico is a country of master creators, craftspeople, artists, and innovators,” said fashion designer and Residencia participant Cynthia Buttenklepper in a press statement. “No matter the specialty, our creations are birthed from a deep history, one that is rooted in culture, passion, and traditions passed down through generations.”

Grounding Residencia PATRÓN in these deeply rooted Mexican traditions and passions included nods to the modern, vibrant cuisine and cocktails coming out of cultural hot spots like Mexico City. The unique and tasteful menu curated by chef Jair Téllez for attendees included contemporary twists on traditional dishes such as octopus chorizo tostadas, maize tlacoyo with guajillo braised lamb, and cured mackerel with fresh coconut and lime. The culinary experience paired specially to an array of unique cocktails developed by mixologist Eli Martinez such as the Mexican 75 with PATRÓN Reposado, rosita de cacao and agave syrup; Golden Happy Bee with PATRÓN Silver, sherry manzanilla, and pineapple; and Mole New Fashion with PATRÓN Añejo, mole bitter, and brown sugar. Collectively, the bites and sips took guests on a tour of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Residencia PATRÓN was an exquisite exhibition of modern and traditional Mexico, beautifully juxtaposed and brought to fruition with the innovators involved. Chloe Lloyd-Jones, vice president of marketing at PATRÓN, said: “Just like our PATRÓN familia, these bold innovators maintain a tireless dedication to achieving perfection in everything they create. PATRÓN was thrilled to bring together such an inspiring group of creative vanguards who relentlessly push the boundaries of what you think you know of Mexican creativity and luxury. We were honored to create a residency where consumers in the U.S. could experience the talent and vibrancy of these collaborators while also discovering the passion and mastery that goes into making PATRÓN tequila.”

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