How To Test if Your Tequila Has Artificial Substances in Five Seconds [Infographic]

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You might expect that tequilas bearing the label “100 percent agave” are made with just that — agave and nothing else. But producers can actually add artificial substances to any of their expressions, from blanco to extra añejo, and if these substances make up any amount up to 1 percent, they can do so without even printing it on the bottle.

Unfortunately, it’s a practice that is all too common in the industry, with sweeteners, flavorings, and colorants regularly added to “improve” the agave distillate’s profile and cut corners during production.

Thankfully, there’s a quick-fire method to check whether the bottle you’ve bought to mix Margs or sip neat contains these artificial substances. Best of all, there’s no fancy equipment required and you’ll have an answer in the same time it takes to pour a few ounces, raise a glass, and say “¡Salud!”

Here’s how to test if your tequila has artificial substances in just five seconds.

How To Test if Your Tequila Has Additives in Five Seconds [Infographic]
How To Test if Your Tequila Has Additives in Five Seconds [Infographic]
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