From Field to Glass with PATRÓN Episode #2: Cooking, Crushing, Fermentation, Distillation with Tequila PATRÓN

This video is part of a series, highlighting the importance of naturally perfect and authentic tequila, partnered by PATRÓN. Discover more at The World of PATRÓN.

In From Field to Glass with PATRÓN, co-founder and CEO Adam Teeter and editor in chief Joanna Sciarrino head to the exclusive Hacienda PATRÓN in Jalisco, Mexico, to get an inside look at how its range of premium tequilas are made, from harvesting and cooking agave, to distilling, aging, and bottling the liquid.

In this episode, Adam and Joanna are joined by chief Hacienda PATRÓN hospitality host Daphne Renee Castro Moreno. Once the harvested agave arrives at the Hacienda, it’s slow- cooked in brick ovens, shredded, and crushed using the traditional tahona process. From there, they walk through PATRÓN tequila’s special fermentation and distillation methods that make naturally perfect and authentic tequila.

Stay tuned for the next episode, publishing June 29! Find it in The World of PATRÓN.