Celebrating Mexican Heritage With PATRÓN®

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In a world where mass production, a desire for ease of effort, and quick results often drive decision-making, it can be difficult to find those who are led by values of craftsmanship and a dedication to perfection. To find one who appreciates authenticity and genuine care for craft is to find a true artist, whether that commitment to excellence is represented by a monumental sculpture, such as those created by Mexico City-based artist Sebastian, or in a bottle of simply perfect PATRÓN® Tequila. When two such creators come together for a one-of-a-kind collaboration that honors the richness of Mexican culture, tradition, and innovation, the results are nothing short of stunning.

Patrón Mexican Heritage Tin 2022

Culture, Tradition, Innovation

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), PATRÓN released its 2022 limited- edition Mexican Heritage Tin featuring a bottle of 100 percent Naturally Perfect PATRÓN Silver. Released every year since 2016, the Mexican Heritage Tin series allows PATRÓN to brilliantly illustrate the traditions and culture of Mexico through stunning, contemporary designs via the lens of prominent, new Mexican artists each year. These artists are pioneers of their craft and share a similar passion as PATRÓN to be tirelessly dedicated to perfection, valuing both tradition and innovation. Previous artists have included muralist Senkoe (2021) and contemporary artist Verónica Villarreal (2016).

This year’s tin features the work of master sculptor Sebastian. The artist is best known for uplifting, towering works of steel and concrete. His giant “gate” sculptures welcome individuals to cities and other monumental pieces have been adopted as official city symbols. His work can be found in Mexico and around the globe, in both urban and rural environments. The natural shapes that pepper the Mexican landscape inspire Sebastian’s abstract geometric forms and bold colors.

Sebastian’s design for the 2022 Mexican Heritage Tin is based on an overhead view of the agave heart. It depicts one of the oldest traditions in Mexico — the harvesting and cutting of the 100 percent Weber Blue agave piñas from which PATRÓN Silver is made. His use of vivid, vibrant colors and geometric designs alludes to his greater body of sculptural work. The style also echoes the detailed process of cutting the agave, which is typically trimmed down to the heart by jimadors (farmers) wielding sharp coas, or axes. The work reflects both artist and artisan, celebrating culture and creativity while showcasing the time-honored production process required for achieving perfection.

Shared Commitment and Sense of Pride

Patrón Mexican Heritage Tin 2022

Exceptional craftspeople share their skills and passion to safeguard the history and collective knowledge of their craft, making sure both are passed into the safe hands of the next generation. From plant to production to bottling, PATRÓN honors this type of process, attending to detail and drawing on skills that are guided by human touch.

It is this relentless commitment to perfection that’s at the core of every bottle of PATRÓN. The same ideals are at the heart of Sebastian’s work. Collectively, they both push the boundaries of creativity while elevating and inspiring others to strive for creative perfection, keeping authenticity at the heart of everything they do.

The collaboration between PATRÓN and Sebastian is a showcase of passionate mastery that celebrates the distinctive natural elements as well as the rich, broad, and spectacular beauty of Mexican culture, tradition, and innovation.

Because of this, the 2022 Mexican Heritage Tin is a memorable and beautiful collaboration of art and craftsmanship is a meaningful way to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month, which recognizes and celebrates the diverse culture, the extensive history, and the many contributions of citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Where to Buy

The limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin includes a bottle of PATRÓN Silver and is available at local retailers nationwide in the U.S. as well as select international markets for an SRP of $59.99 while supplies last. Additionally, the tin can be purchased online.

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