Bill Nye Says Drink

Most people are opening their bottle of “Wednesday Wine” at 6:35PM.

According to data recently released by Cobevco, a wine bottler in Australia, Wednesday night is when most people feel the most comfortable kicking back, pulling a glass out of the cupboard, and opening the week’s first bottle of wine, with Men most likely to open it as soon as they get into the house, and women more likely to settle in to being home before finding a cork screw.

The study also found that most of us aren’t heading to the local bar to have this glass, but instead prefer to pop open a bottle we have on hand as soon as we get home.  The researches believe Wednesday experiences such a strong up-tick in wine consumption because by this evening most of us feel we’ve finally made it through the bulk of our week, and are ready to start unwinding as we prepare for the weekend.

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