Thanks to travel restrictions, flying can often be a bit of a pain. From taking off your shoes to making sure you only bring in a certain amount of liquids, there are enough headaches already without throwing wine into the mix. But when we travel, especially if it’s to a great wine region, most of us like to pick up a few bottles. And that means we are going to have to check our bag, because a bottle of wine definitely won’t fit inside that quart-sized plastic bag.

But checking means the wine is leaving our possession and going into the hands of the grounds crew, people who aren’t the gentlest when it comes to baggage handling. Bottles are going to break.

So what should you do? One answer is to not fly with wine, but that’s ridiculous. Don’t simply wrap your bottles in clothes, that’s a recipe for disaster. We recommend using Wine Skins because while they don’t offer a ton of padding, they at least contain the liquid in a plastic bag, protecting the rest of your luggage if a bottle breaks. But one inventor claims to have invented the best way to travel with wine yet, a suitcase that is literally built specifically for wine travel. So we decided to put it to the test.