Summer: A time for rest, relaxation, travel, wine and . . . parties! With many summer weekends devoted to parties — graduation, wedding, BBQs, etc. — you’ll probably find yourself bringing lots of wine gifts to your hosts. While it’s a lovely gesture to bring a bottle of wine, it’s an even nicer gesture to add a gift tag to said bottle. I know this seems like a small touch, but it’s the small touches that really count and make your gift feel more thoughtful and special. This is a great way to add a little more “pow” without breaking the bank.

I suggest stocking up on two or three of your favorite gift tags and keeping them around for occasions throughout the year! You can never go wrong with beautiful paper (particularly when it’s letterpressed). Of course, you can also make your own: just buy some color gift tags, like these or these, add a handwritten note, and voilà!
Wine Gift Tags

  1. Mr. Boddington’s Studio produces such lovely products and their “Socialite Set” of letter-pressed wine gift tags are no exception. With hand-drawn artwork on the front and an open back for your own handwritten note, you’ll be the ultimate party guest if your wine comes donning one of these ornaments. $20 will get you 12 tags.
  2. Simple and sweet, these “Letterpress Wine Tags” from LousLetterpress get straight to the point. A beautiful finishing touch to your wine gift. $12 will get you 6 tags.
  3. These “Cheers!” gold foil gift tags from calliespondence are great to keep around, either for wine or any other gift you might be giving. $18 will get you 12 tags.
  4. Swoon. Dolce Press’s “Merci Beaucoup Tag” is definitely a statement piece. Printed on thick blotter stock and die cut, these tags will definitely show your host how much you appreciate their hospitality. $3 will get you 1 tag.
  5. As PaperPlatesPress notes on their Etsy site: “Giving booze away is hard. So if you’re going to do it, make sure the one on the receiving end knows who gave them that booze. That way they know what to get you when the time comes.” That about sums up why you should check out their wine tags. And if the one above doesn’t resonate, they have plenty of other options in their store. $3 will get you 1 tag.
  6. It’s no secret that Food52 hosts incredible recipes, but they also have a killer selection of goods in their provisions shop, including “Letterpressed Witty Wine Tags.” If you don’t like the 3 designs they offer, you can head over to the popptags for 13 other options in the series. $20 will get you 6 tags at Food52 and $9.95 will get you 3 tags at popptags.

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