TGIF. The weekend could seriously not come soon enough. We know it takes a lot to survive a work week, so we’re here to tell you to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself. You made it to Friday, and that’s a huge accomplishment we don’t take lightly. To celebrate, we present you with our most recent installment of Friday Wine Tales.

On a normal day of work, this is where you can find me:

Wine Crying Desk

But as soon as the clock hits 5PM on Friday, out comes the wine, and the largest glass I can find:

Kitty Wine

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Before I head home to start the night, I get a quick workout in:

Karen Walker Juice Boxes

Then after my workout, it’s time to start the night the only way I know how:

Bottle Drinking



When I finally head out, it’s Champagne for EVERYBODY!

Lucille Ball Wine

As well as bottles of wine for EVERYBODY! Who wants their own bottle? We all want a bottle!

Julia Louis Dreyfus Wine

If someone judges, I just shake my head, because there are no judgements when it comes to wine:

Bored To Death Wine

The next day, I may be a little tired, but it’s ok, off to brunch!

Wine IV