If you’re as big a fan of wine and cheese as the VinePair team, then you already know that one of the best things in the world is a wine and cheese party. Of course the first thing you need for such a party is great cheese and great wine pairings, which we’ve conveniently broken down for you here, but you also need the perfect accessories to set the stage. We found you some great vessels for displaying your wine and cheese, serving tools, and ways to keep the party organized.

Wine And Cheese Party

  1. If you like to host parties, then you already know that you can never have enough cheese boards in the collection. We love the shape of the cheese boards from Milled Home Goods, plus the handles all feature warm, beautiful colors.
  2. The lines on the Citterio Wine Decanter from Huzza are just beautiful. This decanter will look stylish with wine or without.
  3. Laguiole knives are the best (and come in so many great colors), so it’s no surprise that their cheese knives would be our go-to for a wine and cheese party.
  4. These Larabee Dot Glasses add just a touch of whimsy to your party, without going too far.
  5. These rustic cheese markers from Persimmon Street Ceramics are a great way to organize your cheese plate.
  6. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: keep those glasses organized with wine charms! These charms are made by Made For You and can be found over at Etsy.

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