While many people see Valentine’s Day as a huge hassle, we think it’s a perfect opportunity to hang with the loved ones in your life (friends or lovers) and enjoy a little wine and hopefully a delicious meal (followed by a delicious dessert, of course).

No matter what you’re planning to do, our goal is to make your Valentine’s Day festivities a little easier to coordinate. Need a little guidance about which bottle of wine to drink? We’ve got you covered. Need a specific bottle recommendation? Stay tuned for Tess Rose Lampert’s post later this week with four sure-to-please suggestions.

Today, we offer you a few wine-themed items that will make your evening a little sweeter, whether you’re hanging with the girls, hosting a party or having a romantic dinner for two.
Valentine's Day Accessories

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  1. We absolutely love Ginger P Designs’ Printable Valentine’s Day Wine Labels. Recognizing that there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Ginger designed three different labels to help set the stage for your Valentine’s Day celebration.
  2. Themed-parties are kind of our thing, so when we saw this Amore Champagne Flute Set, we couldn’t resist adding them to our collection.
  3. Celebrating your love for wine this Valentine’s Day? Nothing says “I love you wine” more than this Riedel Black Tie Bliss Wine Decanter.
  4. Do we really need to sell you on these Champagne Chocolates? I think they speak for themselves.
  5. This Valentine’s Day Heart Wine Stamp brings us back to the good old days when Valentine’s Day cards came in the actual mail or, even better, in our elementary school mailbox. There’s still time to make your own Valentine’s Day cards this year and this stamp will give them just the right touch of “I-made-this-myself.”
  6. We cheated with these Red Velvet Cupcakes! We know they don’t quite fit with our “wine-themed accessories,” but they were too pretty to not share.
  7. We know you’ve been saving all of those wine corks for the perfect occasion. Well now, with the DIY Wine Cork Heart, you have one!