While it might feel like spring will never arrive, in actuality it’s only two weeks away. And with spring comes spring cleaning…or as I like to see it, time for redecorating.

Last spring, in an effort to spruce up ye olde, tiny NYC apartment, I embarked on a mission to update my living room walls. For inspiration, I browsed design magazines, blogs and, of course, Pinterest. The result was a fun gallery wall that pulled together various pieces of art we had floating around the apartment. It was an elegant solution to what had previously been a bit of a haphazard mess. Which brings me to today’s post.

With last year’s project in mind, I offer some inspiration for your own home decorating projects. Below, I’ve put together a collection of prints, paintings and photographs that feature my beverage of choice: wine. Enjoy!

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  1. Red Wine from hardtofind
  2. Wine Anatomy from anek on Etsy
  3. French Wine Art from anek on Etsy
  4. Champagne Bottle by Katie Mallory on Etsy
  5. Smile, There’s Wine from Society6
  6. Wine Stain Art: Self-Portrait As Saint Pompette by Amelia Fais Harnas
  7. Wine Cellar Master And Taster Spitting Wine by Carlo Bavagnoli on Art.com
  8. The Hangover (Suzanne Valadon), 1887-1889 by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec on Art.com
  9. Vogue – April 1962 by Bert Stern on Art.com
  10. But First, Wine! by Sweet Patuny Prints on Etsy