Fast Food & Fine Wine #6: Taco Bell Captain Crunch Delights + Premier Cru White Burgundy

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I have to admit, the thought of digging into Taco Bell’s Captain Crunch Delights was not something I was looking forward to. I never was a fan of the Captain or his crunch growing up, I was more of a Chex and Rice Krispies kid, so let’s just say revisiting the sweet cereal in my adulthood was less than appealing. Adam Chandler on the other hand was elated. As I’ve come to learn, Chandler is probably Taco Bell’s biggest fan, and this new product was something he was very excited for.

Chief wine geek Keith Beavers and I met up before the filming to choose our wine. We knew the Crunch Delights were going to be pretty sweet, so we wanted something with a nice acidity to cut right through. Keith suggested a Chardonnay from Burgundy and we went for it.

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When we arrived for the tasting, the Captain Crunch Delights had begun to cool from their time in the frier, but the wine’s temperature was perfect. We took a bite of the doughy ball and frosting was expelled. It was a little gross. Chandler loved it. The Crunch Delights were sweet, but not cloyingly so, we were eager to see how they’d pair with the wine.

The wine was exactly what you’d expect from high-end Burgundy, a nice amount of nuttiness with bright acidity and a weight that stood up to the Crunch Delights. We were shocked at how well the two actually were together, almost a perfect pairing. Not something expected, but definitely proving that Chardonnay can go with sweet foods every once and a while.

Keith and I had one Crunch Delight and that was enough, we were happy to keep drinking the wine. Chandler, on the other hand, was delighted we passed on seconds, more Crunch Delights for him.