Fast Food & Fine Wine #8: McDonalds Land, Air & Sea With Third Growth Bordeaux

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Secret menus at popular fast food chains have become something of an obsession over the past few years. No longer is it acceptable to go to your favorite chain and order from the menu. If you’re really in the know, you say the secret code and have the friendly employees behind the counter make you something special.

I’ve met no one who knows more about secret menus than Fast Food aficionado Adam Chandler, so when Mr. Chandler proposed we try the McDonald’s Land, Air & Sea, that was all I needed to hear. The Land, Air & Sea is a combination of a McDonald’s Big Mac with a Filet of Fish and Crispy Chicken Sandwich stuffed into the middle – it called for a Bordeaux. And not just any Bordeaux, a 3rd growth Bordeaux from the famed Chateau d’Issan.

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We popped the bottle and opened our boxes, revealing the Land, Air and Sea in all it’s glory. How did it taste and pair with the Bordeaux? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out.