Beer has plenty of health benefits, included aiding recovery after a workout, but it seems that brews are particularly good for the ladies. As women get older, they have to work harder to preserve their bone density. This is no news – if you’re female you’ve probably seen your mom pop a calcium supplement or even taken one yourself. However, while calcium is all fine and well, a nice glass of beer might help even more.

According to a study by the National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment examining 200,000 women, drinking beer puts females at a lower risk for osteoporosis. That means that if you’re a woman and you slam a pint regularly, you’re less likely to find yourself with a hip fracture, which are associated with shorter life spans after the age of 65. Additionally, beer is flavonoid-rich due to its hops. These flavonoids act as a natural hormone replacement (they’ve also been said to prevent colds), which could reduce menopausal symptoms – goodbye hot flashes.

When it comes to intellectual wellness, beer is also doing womankind a service. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine which followed over 12,000 elderly women, “Women who consistently were drinking about one-half to one drink per day had both less cognitive impairment as well as less decline in their cognitive function compared to women who didn’t drink at all.”

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Of course, don’t drink to excess: one beer a day should keep the doctor away. However, if you’re a woman, make sure to savor that one beer and reaffirm what you already know: that you’re stronger and smarter than everyone else.