Remember those cards drawn with crayon you used to bring home to Mom on Mother’s Day, and that smile she’d make? It was as if she couldn’t have loved you any more at that moment. It wasn’t just that you had remembered Mother’s Day — because let’s be honest, she knew the teacher had really been the one to remember — but that you had put genuine thought into the gift.

To take you back to those days of yore, when Mom smiled that smile in reaction to a crayon scribbled card, give Mom a gift that’s made with one of her other favorite things: wine. Now that you may be a parent too, you know if your mom hadn’t had wine, you may have never grown up at all. Wine saves y’all.

Here are a few of our favorite wine crafts:

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Mother's Day Wine Gifts

  1. The Whole Foods Kitchen Strawberry Riesling Jam is the perfect addition to your mother’s breakfast table. All you need is a little Riesling, some strawberries, and sugar, and you’re half way there…
  2. Paint old wine bottles white, add flowers, and voila!
  3. This is the most gorgeous salt your mother will ever cook with: Red Wine Sea Salt.
  4. A bottle cutter and a wine bottle are all you need for this Wine Bottle Topiary DIY project. A sure way to impress mother dear…
  5. Nothing will bring the whole family together like a Wine Making Kit. Mom will give you extra points for this one!
  6. How do you think Mom survived your childhood? With the Shhh… There’s Wine In Here Coffee Mug, of course!
  7. Books always make the best gifts (other than wine, obviously). This is one we know your mother will love: Wine Makes Mommy Clever by Andy Riley. I don’t think we need to convince you with this one, do we?
  8. Have a stylish mom who loves to entertain? Definitely check out the Blonde Wood Wine Trough from Pottery Barn.