Oysters And Sauvignon Blanc

Consider this a public service announcement from your friends at VinePair: late fall is the peak season for enjoying oysters.

If this doesn’t make you run out right now and start slurping down these bad boys, we don’t know what will! And while we love oysters alone, there is something about oysters and wine that’s just awesome. At their freshest during this time of year, we think the briny molluscs were created solely to be slurped down with a delicious glass of wine in-hand.

While the flashy combo of oysters and Champagne is always a popular call, especially if you’re hanging out with a Gatsby-esque crowd, our preferred pairing is a half dozen oysters and a glass of cold, mouth-watering Sauvignon Blanc.

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As we have said before, while there are no black and white rules for wine pairing, there are definitely certain flavors and certain wines that just complement each other well, and oysters and Sauvignon Blanc are one of these pairings. The crisp, fresh acidity of Sauvignon Blanc goes perfectly with the saline oysters, creating this beautiful combo of mouth-watering yum! It’s a flavor combo that just leaves you wanting more.

One of our favorite places to enjoy oysters this time of year is The Ten Bells on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A dark and romantic French wine bar, these guys have some of the best oysters and wine around, plus you can’t beat their daily oyster happy hour. If you show up, there’s a good chance someone from VinePair will be at the bar happily enjoying themselves.

So what are you doing sitting around? Whether you live in NYC and can head to The Ten Bells, or you have a great oyster spot in your neck of the woods, get out there and eat some oysters with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc before the season ends!