Can we all agree to pretend that it did not just snow this week on the East Coast? We’re in full spring mode over here at VinePair and not even a little mid-April snow is going to change that — we even created a handy Spring Activity Wine Chart for all your spring wine sipping needs. Winter was long enough and we’re finally ready for greenery and outdoor sipping!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not just pros at drinking wine, we’re also pros at combining the various things we love with wine. With it finally being time to drink in the backyard, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to highlight some great garden wine crafts you can make with the bottles, corks and boxes you’ve accumulated after utilizing the wine inside them to help get you through the winter!

Garden Wine Crafts

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  1. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly crafty, we bet you’ll be able to make these Cork Plant Markers from Shine Your Light.
  2. All you need are your leftover corks, kebab skewers and a sharpie!

  3. Jump on the air plant trend with this Hanging Air Plant Basket from Recycled Wine Corks from Emily Grace King.
  4. Grab some leftover corks, a little string, a hot glue gun, and of course an air plant, and you’re in business. If you don’t know where to buy air plants, you can order them here.

  5. GroovyGreenGlass is selling this great Re-Purposed Wine Bottle Self Watering Planter over at Etsy.
  6. You could also try to make this yourself, but that would mean cutting glass, which we don’t recommend unless you have done it before!

  7. These Garden Wine Bottle Lights are the perfect addition to your backyard, particularly for an outdoor party!
  8. Just take the Christmas lights you haven’t used since December, stuff them inside an empty bottle, turn the bottle upside down and voilà!

  9. Even if you live in a city, we’re sure you can figure out a way to make use of this Wine Box Garden idea. While it would look great in a big backyard, it would look equally charming on your windowsill or balcony!
  10. If you’re looking for an empty wine box, just ask your local wine shop if they have any extras. They’re usually happy to hand them over.

  11. BottleGardens could not make it easier for you to add a little wine garden love to your life. Plus the Wine Bottle Garden Planter Kit would make a great gift for a green-thumbed, wine-drinking friend.