Moet Crystal Mini Vending Machine

Have you ever dreamed of being able to purchase a bottle of Champagne from a vending machine? Have you also dreamed that when that bottle of Champagne was dispensed, it’d be covered in Swarovski crystals? Well, then today is your lucky day, because Selfridges, the high-end UK department store, has just installed the world’s first Champagne vending machine.

We know it’s oh-so-hard to buy Champagne the old-fashioned way, off the shelf of a store, so Selfridges, seeing a clear gap in the market, has come to the rescue. Now, at the push of a button, you and those you love can purchase a cold, crystal clad bottle of Champagne, without the need to talk to that pesky store clerk.

The new machine dispenses 200ML bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne for 18 pounds ($30 USD) a piece. The machine has been installed as part of a Christmas promotion for the store, because really, who wants to deal with store employees when we head out to shop, when all we really want are vending machines for all of our luxury retail needs?

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In the words of Selfridges, “The inclusion of the world’s first Moet vending machine makes a decadent addition to our Christmas Emporium.” We were going to say, more like unnecessary addition, but whatever.