Champagne is at its most popular around the holiday season, a fact of which even thieves in London seem to be aware.

In what we believe is an effort to stockpile the bubbly goodness for a New Year’s bash to end all bashes, a group of hooligans have stolen hundreds of bottles of Champagne from Lea & Sandeman Wine Merchants, who are based in London.

The Wine Merchant says the bottles were stolen from its warehouse by a group of men impersonating warehouse staff members. We have to say, this is a little genius…

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As the delivery of high-end champagne was coming into the warehouse, the thieves, dressed as warehouse employees, diverted the shipment from its intended location, instructing the delivery men to instead offload the wine into a trailer, in which the burglars then drove off in.

Lea & Sandeman are offering a liquid reward of Champagne to anyone that provides information.

And, if Champagne thieves are reading this, let us know where the party is; we’re more than happy to fly to the UK!