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We’ve all been there before: We’re in the middle of a great dinner party, and the wine runs out. A night that was going so well has just hit an enormous speed bump, and now we’re faced with the decision of whether we find some other alcohol in the house to provide our guests, or send someone out on an emergency run. Neither option is ideal.

One of the most difficult and anxiety-inducing tasks when hosting a dinner party is figuring out how many bottles to have on-hand in the first place. Whether you’re providing the wine yourself, or asking your guests to bring the booze, no one wants to be short a bottle or two, especially if everyone is having a great time.

To solve this problem, we created the dinner party wine calculator. Simply tell us how many guests you’ll be hosting and answer a few other questions and our calculator spits out the appropriate number of bottles to buy, including how many bottles of red and white you’ll need if you plan on serving both. We even include the amount of sparkling you’ll need for a cocktail hour,

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So stop fearing that you’ll run out of wine. Use our calculator and you’ll be all set.

To use the calculator, click here.

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