Treat that unfinished bottle of wine with some dignity! Give it a seal fitting of the delicious contents inside. We love to keep a bunch of different stoppers on-hand for our unfinished bottles, and they also make great housewarming gifts and stocking stuffers.
Wine Stoppers

  1. Remind yourself how lucky you are to still have some delicious wine leftover with this wonderful lucky horse shoe.
  2. Every beautiful lady deserves a beautiful rock and so does a beautiful wine.
  3. Keep your hands off my wine!
  4. We’re suckers for artichokes…in any form.
  5. This stopper makes us immediately think of rosé. A delicate wine deserves a delicate flower stopper.
  6. For the traditional wine drinker.
  7. Wine isn’t just for the gods anymore, but remind yourself of wine’s historic lineage with these wine stoppers of which the gods would surely smile upon.
  8. Meet your wine gnome, protector of precious juice.