There’s nothing like opening a wonderful bottle of wine, pouring it in a glass, and sipping throughout the evening, letting oxygen slowly break the wine down, allowing you to enjoy the process of the wine opening up throughout your glass and throughout the evening. And sometimes it’s fun to take it a step further and decant the wine (if you need help with this, watch our short decanting video), offering both a stylish way to serve your wine and also providing the wine an opportunity to open up more quickly, as it’s exposed to more oxygen in the decanter than in the bottle (check out some of the beautiful modern wine decanters we featured last week for some great options). But let’s say you don’t have the time to relax and let the wine naturally interact with the elements. How do you speed the process up (without the help of a blender)?

Lucky for you, an entire wine gadget industry exists and it’s hell bent on developing new ways to assist you on your wine drinking journey. This industry has encouraged the production of wine aerators, little gadgets that will help you quickly aerate your wine when you don’t have the luxury of time. While we we haven’t had the opportunity to test each of these gadgets out (but we will soon, and we’ll share the results!), we’re definitely impressed by the creativity and effort that went into designing these unique wine aerating devices. Give them a whirl (see what I did there?) and let us know what you think of the idea of aerating your wine beyond the simple, “old fashioned” decanter method.

Soirée Aerator

This glass wine aerator fits directly into your bottle and offers a simple way to add a little extra oxygen before the wine finds its way to your glass. Plus, it’s small enough to easily store in your kitchen or bar, without having to lose too much space. You can buy the soirée aerator for $24.99.

Opus Aerator

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Applied Physics Wine Dispenser

The experimental Italian design studio Acquacalda developed a collection of items in a series called “Applied Physics,” whereby they’ve reimagined kitchen tools using the laws of physics. This wine dispenser allows one to aerate wine and pour it equally between four glasses. You can read more about this stunner here.

Applied Physics Aerator

Twister Wine Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set

Lots of bells and whistles with this aerator! While the top part looks standard enough, this aerator adds twisted glass to add an extra dose of oxygen, which has the added benefit of looking beautiful. You can buy this aerator, which conveniently comes with a decanter that fits the device perfectly, over at Williams-Sonoma for $79.95.

Twisted Aerator

Fountain Aerating Wine Glasses

The idea for these glasses was born when its creator Dillon Burroughs wondered “why isn’t there a glass that can open up wine when poured directly into the glass?” Looking for one device to serve all his needs, this aerator-cum-glass was born. For $48.00 you can add two of these glasses to your collection.

Fountain Aerating Glass

Rabbit Aerating Decanter System

This decanter system turns red wine into tiny droplets that spray down the side of the decanter, creating a hypnotic result. For $60.00 you can purchase both the aerator and hand-blown crystal decanter.

Rabbit Aerator

Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Gift Set

This is the class wine aerator that you’ve probably seen on many a wedding registries and with which you’re probably the most familiar. It has a striking design, is easy to store (although they do need a little space for it), and allows you to aerate each glass as you drink. You can purchase this set for $49.95 at Wine Enthusiast.

Vinturi Wine Aerator


Looking for a hybrid decanter and wine aerator gadget? Check out these two unique decanters that have a built in method for extra aeration!

Twist Decanter

The interesting twists in this decanter allow you to both have a stylish decanter for your collection as well as add another level of aeration beyond decanting. You can pick one of these guys up for $30.00.

Twist Decanter

W/W Carafe

You can one of the first to own designer Benjamin Hubert’s W/W Carafe for Menu as it will be released in a little over a week (on October 30th). Here are a few more details from Menu:

Benjamin Hubert created over twenty prototypes of the W/W carafe during the design process to test the flow of wine and obtain the maximum aeration. The final ‘raining’ process is both visually arresting and, as the wine is poured from the bottle into the carafe, increases the surface area of the wine by eight times a normal pour from the bottle – thus providing 800% aeration and improving the wine’s flavor. The wine can then be easily served from the carafe, making the process simple and efficient.

This all-in-one decanter includes a winebreather carafe and stackable wine glasses and can be yours for just $49.95.

Water And Wine Hubert