It’s such a treat to be invited out for the Thanksgiving meal. You get to enjoy all of the delicious dishes without the hassle of having to shop, prep, chop, bake, slice, and dice. But with the role of “guest” comes the need to show your host just how much you appreciate all of their efforts. Of course, in many cases, you should bring a bottle of wine (or two) to help contribute to the evening’s festivities, but sometimes a) your host would prefer you not bring wine or b) you want to go the extra mile beyond the wine you’ve decided to bring. Regardless of your reasoning, you want to make sure you arrive with something that conveys your gratitude for what was most likely days, if not weeks, of preparation. We’ve selected seven wine-themed gifts for your Thanksgiving host that are sure to delight!

Now Designs Vintage Jacquard Dishtowel – $9.00

You get bonus points if you wrap a bottle of wine in the tea towel!
Now Designs Vintage Jacquard Dishtowel

Wine Carafe With Wooden Stopper – $29.99

You can never have too many carafes or decanters around, and this is the perfect piece to add to your host’s collection. (Find more great ideas here.)
Wine Carafe With Wooden Stopper

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Wine With Food: Pairing Notes and Recipes from the New York Times – $35.00

If your host’s cooking efforts extend beyond Thanksgiving, they’re definitely going to love (and be inspired) by the recipes and wine pairings in Eric Asimov and Florence Fabricant’s recent book.
Wine With Food

Tasting Stars by Danielle Kroll – $50.00

This beautiful print will no doubt please the host who loves a little bubbly in their life. Pair this gift with a bottle of sparkling wine and you’re all set.
Champagne Print

Fall Wine Charms – $27.00

Perfect to keep glasses straight at the dinner table while pairing appropriately with the fall season.
Fall Wine Charm

Leaf Design Wine Coaster – $39.99

Who wouldn’t love to add this to their Thanksgiving tablescape?
Leaf Design Wine Coaster

Recycled Wine Punt Tumblers – $9.00-$10.00

These are the perfect gift for the person who loves wine so much that they’d even love to drink water out of recycled bottles.
Recycled Wine Tumblers