Ok, please tell me how you could resist passing a little piggy wine corkscrew and not buy it immediately? Our wine pig – the inspiration for this post – got us searching for other great wine corkscrews to jazz up our next gathering. What we learned: there are about a gazillion (yes, gazillion) different types of corkscrews out there. It’s overwhelming, to say the least! For this post, we decided to focus on simple corkscrews that have a simple (but quirky!) handle. Not only do these guys make great conversation starters, but they’ll look great on your bar.

  1. The pièce de résistance! The wine pig corkscrew is a must-have.
  2. The Zak Designs D Circle Clear Corkscrew looks like it came out of a sci-fi novel. Or, considering it doubles as a magnifying glass to read tiny print on a label, maybe a James Bond movie.
  3. Animal lovers, don’t worry, the horn isn’t real (I mean, obviously, but just want to put everyone at ease here…). The Brass/Horn Corkscrew is a beauty.
  4. This bow tie corkscrew is too cute. The bonus is that it comes with an eyeglass wine stopper.
  5. This one is just a tease, because you probably won’t actually be able to find it anywhere (sorry!), but it’s still worth highlighting. It’s an Austrian mid-century modern foot corkscrew designed by Carl Auböck.
  6. I know. You’re probably sick of the moustache craze, but this Jonathan Adler corkscrew is a gold (well, brass) moustache, so it’s extra special.
  7. This corkscrew is actually named the Screwnicorn. While the name doesn’t quite work for us, a unicorn corkscrew was too good to pass up.