Wondering what to do with your leftover wine corks and bottles this week? We have an idea! Actually, we have 6. We’re suckers for interesting ways to recycle corks and bottles, and so we searched the web to find you Christmas wine crafts that make good use of your stash (or, if you don’t have a stash, you can always buy bags of corks online).

With only one week until Christmas, you better get drinking (which, in our humble opinion, is decidedly more fun that buying the supplies online) if you want to make any of these great wine-themed Christmas decorations. As if you needed another reason to drink wine.

Christmas Wine Crafts

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  1. In just a few easy steps, this tutorial will walk you through how to make a Wine Cork Christmas Tree that’s great for the table or a gift.
  2. These Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments are the perfect gift to make (or buy) for loved ones this year!
  3. Another great piece that you can either make yourself or buy online, the Wine and Twine Centerpiece will be the pièce de résistance on your holiday table.
  4. Since they’re not specifically for Christmas, these Winter Wine Bottles can enjoy a place in your home all winter long.
  5. You have no excuse to not make these Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments. All you need: a cork, a push pin, and a Christmas tree hook.
  6. Set the stage before anyone even walks in the door with this awesome Wine Cork Wreath.

And one more for good luck: Pint Sized Pines in a Cork Forest