Impress your guests this year with the perfect Christmas dinner wine accessories. Save your everyday glasses for, well, the everyday. It’s Christmas, so it’s time to whip out the good stuff. We have a suggestion below for glasses that will make everyone take note. From Christmas wine charms, to a beautiful wine-colored ornament, the following items will add the final sparkle your Christmas dinner. (Not hosting? These would also make great gifts!)

Christmas Dinner Accessories

  1. Italesse Wine Glasses are both functional and beautiful! While they’re simple and elegant, the shape of the glass interior will add an interesting visual twist to the wine poured into the glass.
  2. No need for boring crystal candlesticks this year. Peter van de Water has designed these 70s-inspired Candle Holder Bottles.
  3. What holiday would be complete without Christmas Wine Bottle Charms? These charms just add a splash of pretty to your dinner table, without going overboard.
  4. “I don’t know which wine glass is mine. May I have another?” Sound familiar? VinePair (and Etsy) to the rescue! In order to save you a load of dishes, we found you these Christmas-themed Wine Glass Charms that will help keep everyone’s glasses straight, and hopefully shave some time off clean-up.
  5. We don’t typically use wine bottle coasters, but when they look like the Wine Coasters from High Street Market, who could resist? We certainly can’t . . .
  6. Mistletoe and Wine — we’ll kiss to that!
  7. Ok, we cheated a little with this one. We know it’s not for you dinner table, but it’s certainly a fine addition to your Christmas tree. We’d love a tree decked out in these Wine-Colored Star Ornaments.
  8. We can just imagine it now: listening to some Bing Crosby, drinking a delicious glass of wine, sitting by a fire, and . . . White Wine Christmas Napkins? Obviously these are a necessity this year.
  9. One can never have enough bread (or cheese . . . mmm cheese) boards. We love the craftsmanship on this Artisan Bread Board With Wine Inlay.
  10. Now it can be frosty both outside and inside with this Frosted Paillette Wine Decanter.

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