Why You Should Use a Flask For Taking Wine To-Go

The last few years have seen no shortage of “inventions” for discreetly storing wine on the go. No matter where you’re headed, a rise in ready to drink canned wines has led consumers to often prioritize convenience over quality, but we know that there are some bottles you can’t replace with a canned spritz.

When it comes time to take a quick hike or slow, romantic walk on the beach, use a flask to skip the glassware and bring your favorite vino along for the ride. Wondering when to drink yesterday’s last glass of Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo? Simply pour it in and head out for as much “me-time” as you can handle.

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Those with reservations will abandon them after seeing this 14 karat gold plated option, that puts almost every crystal wine glass to shame. Plus, the convenience of a slim, sleek flask surely beats toting stemware on the trail.

At just five inches tall, the flask holds six ounces — which is just over the standard glass pour you’d receive in a restaurant. Plus, with just as much room for a stronger spirit on the weekend, this versatile container is everything you’ve been waiting for.