The Best Drinking Games To Get You Through Winter

Between the reduced sunlight and mobility, we can’t say winter is our favorite season. That’s why we’re going to be playing lots of drinking games (responsibly!) for the next few months. Here are the ones that are worth your time.

Somm Blinders Blind Tasting Game – Ultimate

Best Wine Blind Tasting Game

We love a good silly drinking game, but sometimes we want a drinking game that engages our intellect. That’s why we love the Somm Blinders game. In the deck is a list of varietals — everyone participating chooses from them, and arrives with a bottle wrapped in foil. Earn points by correctly identifying aspects of the wine. This pack includes the original deck, as well as a red and a white deck, and is the perfect way to sharpen your wine tasting abilities while having some fun with friends.

Wood Drinking Dice Set

Best Easy Drinking Game Drinking Dice

Sometimes we need a game that requires absolutely no brain power and let’s us focus on just having a fun time. That’s cool too. For those occasions, we have the Wood Drinking Dice Set. One die picks the lucky drinker and the other one decrees how much shall be drunk. It’s as fun as it is easy!

The Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

Best Tipsy Tower Block Tower Game

Ever wished you could turn your favorite childhood games into drinking games? Remember that one with the wooden blocks where the name of the game was not letting the tower tip and fall? We’ve taken that concept and boozed it up — avoid the tower tipping while tipsy! Half the blocks have actions like “player to the right drinks one” or “drink two” and half are blank — either offering a reprieve or serious customization. It even comes with shot glasses so you have everything you need!

Drinkle Beer Drinking Game

The best drinking games are the simplest ones—there’s no buzzkill quite like having to explain (or be explained to) the rules for longer than it actually would have taken to play the game. The Drinkle Beer Drinking Game could not be simpler. Win by getting to the end of the board, and follow the rules of the tiles that you land on. Just grab a beer and some friends. Bonus: the board doubles as coasters AND has built-in bottle openers. Time to get your Drinkle on!