These Wine Socks Mean Business

Some boots are made for walking, and some socks are made for lounging. The next time you’re lucky enough to kick back and relax, make sure to do so in the coziest pair of socks possible. Best of all, they do the talking for you when you need another glass.

Propped up in your favorite place around the house, your feet will read “If you can read this bring me more wine” — a small ask for any friend, fiancé, or pesky roommate. These are made with a flexible blend of materials like cotton and spandex, so they’ll keep you cozy and fit every foot across the board.

Thick and cozy, these socks are the perfect look for a little me-time, and no matter the season you’ll be instantly comforted once you slip them on. With bright red accents on a mod, neutral grey blend these socks will help you relax in style.

Best Bring Me Wine Socks

Unisex and one size fits most, these socks make the perfect present for you or a friend. Many find themselves ordering in bulk just to make sure they’ve got an easy gift on hand, and we can see why!

Pair them with your favorite Pinot Noir, Cab Franc, or straight-up bubbly — and let the refills roll in.