Why Every Wine Lover Needs A Great Decanter

A wine decanter will take your wine game to the next level. Sure, it’s an aesthetically pleasing way to serve a nice bottle during a special occasion, but there are a few technical reasons why every wine obsessed individual should have one at their disposal.

For fine older wines, it helps wake them up from their long slumber inside the bottle, releasing the long-awaited aromas. For young cheekier wines, it helps bring acidity and/or tannin into balance, making them fresher and tastier. No matter what you’re drinking, a quick decant helps bring out the best in your vino. Here are a few that will do the job beautifully and look great on your bar in between decants.

Spiegelau Authentis 1.5L Decanter

The Spiegelau Authentis Decanter is a sommelier favorite, and once you try it, you’ll see why. Not only is it crafted from high-quality lead-free crystal and holds up to 1.5 liters, it brings restaurant-grade decanting to your dining room table. Your wine will thank you.

Wine Breather Decanter

Best Wine Breather Decanter

If you don’t find yourself to be the most patient person, this decanter is your new favorite gadget. Combining the technology of an aerator and a classic carafe in one, the Wine Breather Decanter will open up your wine in less than two minutes. Plus, it’s a gorgeous wine waterfall show for your table. Your guests will be impressed and your wine will be delicious.

Vinocchio Decanter

Italesse Wine Decanter

Looking for a piece of art that moonlights as a decanter? Meet the Vinocchio Decanter, crafted by Italesse, our favorite Italian glassware designer. It’s made with mouth-blown non-leaded crystalline glass and its unique design maximizes aeration while being incredibly easy to pour. While it does stand upright on its own, it also comes with an acrylic base to display it at a jaunty angle between uses. Designed by renowned Italian designer Frederico Venier, this decanter is unforgettable and deserves a spot on your bar.

Zalto Axium Decanter


Or perhaps you’re looking for a decanter made by the glassware house that sommeliers world-round hail as the best. In that case, you’ll need a Zalto. Mouth-blown in a tiny Austrian village, Zalto glassware is the lightest and most delicate that you’ll ever use, while still being sturdy enough for use in some of the world’s best wine bars. If you’re looking to impress the wine geeks of the world, you can’t beat Zalto.