The Five Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Love Wine

In the adventure of wine, it’s not about the destination but the journey and the people you meet along the way. Whether you have a formal wine club with a tasting calendar or just some friends enjoying a few bottles of whatever was on special at the wine shop, the holidays are the perfect time to show appreciation for your fellow partners in wine.

Here are the five best gifts for your all of the oenophiles in your life.

Bring Me Wine Socks – $14 (originally $16)

Bring Me Wine Socks
Meet the perfect stocking stuffer for your gifting needs. These socks are cozy, cheeky, and practical. Good for a laugh, and for an occasional glass of wine being brought to you without you having to ask (because the socks asked for you).
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The Experts Wine Log – $39.75 (originally $53)

The Expert's Wine Tasting Journal
This wine journal, has beautiful raw construction, a handcrafted leather cover, and fields to document all the important information, including the label. The perfect gift for those hoping to do a deeper dive into wine, and possibly start a wine career.
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Italesse Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6) – $81 (originally $92)

Italesse Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6)
We discovered these wine glasses on a trip to Italy and have never been the same since. These are a must have for the red wine drinker that prefers a dramatic, elegant look for their stemware. Great for the finest Barolos and even the casual, weeknight Chianti.

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The Somm Watch – $120

Analog Somm Series Wine Watch
Wine is all about craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and a bit of show-off-able beauty. So are these sleek, wine-inspired watches – the bands are made from cork and stained with wine. A gorgeous and unexpected gift for anyone who loves wine, or who just likes looking like they appreciate the finer things.
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The Vinocchio Decanter – $119 (originally $125)

Italesse Wine Decanter
One of the prettiest decanters you’ll ever pour out of, the Vinocchio decanter is a mouth-blown masterpiece by Italian designer Frederico Venier. A must have gift for the friend that always hosts wine club.
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